Invention and history of radio

People responsible for the initial growth of radio

The history of radio is traceable back to James Clerk Maxwell who was able to prove that it was possible for the electromagnetic waves to travel through free space. Initially, when the name radio was not given to this device, it was known as “wireless telegraphy” to explain the procedure of the techniques and methods that took place in the communications of radio signals and telegraph. This term was used for around three decades from around 1887 to 1920, and it was then that the term was replaced by “radio”. Another important person who should be given credit for promoting and developing radio is Guglielmo Marconi because he created a company, which could help develop different types of products and services for the growth and improvement of radio. According to Marconi, in this way, radio could be used in commercial, military and marine communications.

Demand for radio once people got to know about this

It is no news that the British government and people all around the globe were impressed by this technological innovation. The importance of the development of radio could be seen from the fact that after the first transmission was received through a kite aerial at Signal Hill; people knew that something big could be expected through this. It soon created a spur amongst them and there were several people who wanted to invest their money and services in this technology. These radio signals also proved to be helpful when it came to protecting the lives of people. Most of the ships soon started to make use of radio signals to communicate and hence in cases of accidents, it was possible to get immediate help without much financial or human loss or damage. Even in the case of Titanic, it proved to be a great help when the message was conveyed through this device allowing several lives to be saved which could not have been possible otherwise.

Audio broadcasting through radio

It was in the year 1919 that after various experiments with music and voice, it was finally possible to transit human speech through radio. This showed that there was further scope in improvement and advancement and thus with various experiments, other important factors were achieved. The first news program was broadcasted on the radio on 31st of august 1920 and it was also in the same year that radio was also used to transfer pictures or images which were almost as clear as the ones that are seen on the television.

Recent advancements in radio

Recently, internet radio is gaining popularity due to the recent advancements that have taken place. Due to this improvement, it is now possible for people to derive benefits through the audio service by simply using their internet connection. People may also have the option to make use of streaming media. This means that they can listen to audio without any pause or gap in between and people can use the internet radio services from anywhere around the world without even being in that specific country.